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I have many students and I want to upload them to Write & Improve all at once
I have many students and I want to upload them to Write & Improve all at once

This article describes how to add students to your +Class View account via a CSV file

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It can be time-consuming to add students one at a time if you have large classes. To add your students all at once, you can use the 'Upload CSV' button on the 'Account members' page to upload a CSV file containing members into your +Class View account.

You can choose to create your own CSV file, but to make it easier, we have created a model CSV file which you can download and use for your own file.

Click here to download the model CSV and add your members' details. Remember not to change the titles of the columns and to copy the format of your account members' details. There are full details below.

Then go to Upload your CSV below.

How to create your own CSV file.

First create an Excel spreadsheet with columns exactly as follows:

  • first-name: The first name of the user. Optional for email users, required for username users.

  • last-name: The last name of the user. Optional for email users, required for username users.

  • username: A username for a student. Note it cannot be set if the 'role' is not 'student'. Students can log into your Class View with this username instead of an email address.

  • email: The email address of the user. You must specify an email for teachers and administrators (they cannot be usernames). You cannot specify an email and a username at the same time.

  • role: Either 'teacher', 'admin' or 'student'. This is a required value for every row.

Per row, you must specify either a username or an email address (but not both).

Then add your members' details. Here is a brief example:

Then, use the 'Save as' option in the file menu, to save the Excel file as a CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv) file and name it:

Your file will look quite similar to the Excel file but it is now ready to be uploaded.

Upload your CSV

On the 'Account members' page, click on Upload CSV and select your CSV file. You will get a message to say that your upload was successful.

Your 'Account members' will now be visible in your 'Account members' list. You can now use the drop-down menu to see your members according to their 'role'.

Members you gave email addresses will receive an email from Write & Improve telling them that you have invited them to join your account. They need to click on the link and their membership will be complete. Then you are ready to invite them to your workbooks.

Members who you created with a username (e.g. 'sfour') will not receive an email from us. You will need to give them the username and the temporary password. A temporary password is shown here, as an example.

When they go to Write & Improve they can click on 'Create a Profile' and sign in using the username and password to join your account. They are then asked to change the temporary password to one that is known only to them.

You can find out more about username versus email address users here:

You are now ready to invite your account members to your workbooks. Find out how here:

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