How can I add members to my account?

This article describes how +Class View subscribers can invite people to join their account for collaboration or study.

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This article describes how +Class View subscribers can add administrators, teachers and students to their account and invite them to their workbooks. If you do not have a +Class View subscription, you can find the options for you here.

There are two different ways administrators and teachers can invite students or teachers to their accounts and then add them to their workbooks.

1. Using their email address:

This method can be used to invite administrators, teachers and students.

Sign in to your +Class View account, and in the menu click on ‘Account members’:

On the page that opens, make sure you choose between teacher, student, or administrator in the drop-down box, and then click on the blue ‘+Add’ button on the right.

Now you will see this:

Fill in the boxes including the student’s email address, and then click on the blue ‘Create’ button.

An email will be sent to the teacher, student or administrator you have added. They need to open this email and click on ‘Accept’. If they already have a profile in Write & Improve, their Write & Improve account will open automatically. If not, they will need to create one now. It's free.

They are now a member of your account and you are ready to invite them to collaborate or study with you in your workbooks. Find out how here.

2. Using a username.

This method can only be used to invite students. It is the perfect solution for when you cannot, or do not want to, use students' email addresses.

Click on ‘Account members’ in the menu. Make sure the drop-down box on the left after ‘My’ is set to student. Now, click on the blue ‘+Add’ button on the right.

This opens:

Go to the bottom and click on ‘Can’t use an email?’ The box will change and
instead of 'Email' it will say 'Username'. Fill in the First name and Last name of your student. In the Username box, a username will be automatically created for your student. This is what the student will use to log into your account instead of using an email address.

Click on the blue 'Create' button. The student will appear in your account members list:

Next, give the student the temporary password (at the top) and the username (beside their name in the list).

When the student signs in to Write & Improve by using this password and username for the first time, they will be told to change the temporary password to a new private password. The student is now a member of your account. Note that unlike those invited using email addresses, they do not receive a confirmation email from us, and do not need to create an account of their own. They are now a member of your account and you are ready to invite them to collaborate or study with you in your workbooks. Find out how here.

How to remove an account member

To delete an account member, open the Account Members page, tick the box next to the account member you want to remove and click on the 'Delete' button at the top.

You will need to confirm that you want to delete that account member.

Warning: deleting an account member who was invited by username rather than email will:

  • remove the account from all workbooks it was added to

  • delete all of the essays and essay versions in that student's account

  • delete the student's details from the account members list

  • make a new student place available

If the student you delete was invited by email, they will still be able to see all the work they have done in their own account under 'My writing' but will not be able to continue to work on tasks that were assigned by you.

How to sign in as a username account member for the first time

A username account member can sign in from the home page by clicking on the Sign in button. They do not need to create a profile like learners who were invited by email. The form will ask for an 'Email or Username'. Here they can enter the Username you created and the Password given on the Account members page to sign in.

The temporary password applies to all newly added account members and can be changed any time by clicking on the 'refresh' button on the Account Members page. When the password is changed the old password will stop working and students with an account showing Using temporary password will not be able to use it to sign in. You will need to give them the new password. Students who have already changed their password to a private one will not need the new temporary password.

After the student has successfully signed in, they will be asked to create their own private password to sign in next time.

When a password is successfully saved, the student will have access to the account and the status will show Confirmed on the Account Members page.

How to reset a username account member's password

If the student forgets their password, you can reset it on the Account members page. Click on the reset button next to the details of the account you'd like to reset. The button will only be available after the student has confirmed the account.

When the password is reset the account will change back to Unconfirmed status.
The student will need to use the temporary password when signing in next time and will be asked to create a new private password again. Encourage your students to remember their passwords.

Now that your students, teachers and administrators have become members of your account, you are ready to invite them to collaborate or study in your workbooks. Find out more here.

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