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How can I add my account members to my workbooks?
How can I add my account members to my workbooks?

This article describes how +Class View subscribers can add their account members to their workbooks.

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How to add account members to a workbook

This article describes features for +Class View subscribers only. If you do not have a +Class View subscription, you can still invite learners to your workbooks. You can find out how here.

Once you have added members to your account (see here for instructions), you can add them to any workbook you have created. You can add students so that they can do tasks in your workbook. You can add teachers so that they can collaborate with you in a workbook, seeing all your tasks and all your students' work and being able to do everything you can do in that workbook, apart from add other teachers or administrators. You can also add administrators so that they can manage your student and teacher memberships and see the work everyone is doing. On the workbook page, you will see the list of current members:

To add a new member, click on 'Manage account members'.

This will open the Select account members window. Here you will see a list of your account members. If you have not created any account members yet, you can do this by clicking on account members and return to add them later.

Click on 'Click to add' beside any members you wish to add to the workbook. When they have been successfully added to the workbook, they will be marked with the status Added. You will also see them added to the Workbook members list.

You will now be able to see all their writing, feedback and changes for tasks in that workbook on the +Class View page.

To remove the account member from the workbook, select the account again from the Manage account members link. The Added status will be removed and they will be removed from the workbook members list. You can also remove them using the delete button from the workbook members panel.

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