Write & Improve - Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions about Write & Improve
Can I put my students into groups or classes on Write & Improve?
How can I get a receipt/invoice for my Write & Improve subscription payment?
How much does Write & Improve cost?
How can I get a +Class View subscription with more than 400 members?
Why do some tasks say that students' writing may be used in learning materials?
How can I change my payment card details?
How can I add my account members to my workbooks?
I have many students and I want to upload them to Write & Improve all at once
How can I add members to my account?
What is a monthly subscription?
How can I use Write & Improve with my students?
How many tasks are available in Write & Improve +Test Zone?
How many tasks are available in Write & Improve?
Why can't my students see the feedback I added?
What do my students see when they log on, and how do I see their writing and provide feedback?
What are the two different scores?
What are the benefits of a +Class View subscription?
'Write & Improve says it does not have any more feedback for my writing, but I still need to improve it. What can I do?'
How is Write & Improve different to other online tools for checking writing?
Can a whole school subscribe to +Class View?
I want to subscribe to +Class View and apply a voucher code
How does Write & Improve know my score?
How can I start to Write & Improve?
How should I revise my writing?
How do I add an email address to my account?
What do the levels mean and what is the CEFR?
I would like to see model answers for the tasks in Write & Improve workbooks
How can I subscribe to Write & Improve +Test Zone?
Is there an app?
What does the 'Suspicious word' feedback mean?
Where are the IELTS task 2s?
What does the Progress Graph show?
I want to subscribe to Write & Improve +Test Zone for IELTS Academic
I want to cancel my account.
I want to subscribe to Write & Improve +Class View
How do I add my own feedback to my students' writing?
How can I copy tasks from the W&I workbooks into my own workbooks?
Does Write & Improve +Test Zone cover the Cambridge B2 First exam?
I can't remember my password for Write & Improve
How can I add my students to my account without using their email addresses?
Which task type should I choose when I create a task?
How can I create a profile in Write & Improve?
How can I create a Workbook and Tasks and share them with my students?
How do the Write & Improve +Test Zone and +Class View referral programmes work?
How does Write & Improve work?
How can Write & Improve help me improve my English writing?
Does Write & Improve +Test Zone cover both the IELTS Academic and the IELTS General Training exam?
What happens if I change the price of my subscription?
What do the icons in feedback mean?
Sentence feedback - what is the coloured highlighting on sentences in Write & Improve?
When will my writing be checked?
I want to cancel my +Test Zone or +Class View subscription
I am a native speaker. Why are my scores so low?
I am a C1/C2 speaker but the essay I wrote in the Beginner Workbook was scored A2. Why?
Where are the essays for Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Upper-intermediate learners?
Why didn't Write & Improve find an error that I made?
I want to write about a topic of my choice. How can I do that?
I get an "Unverified email" error when signing in