How much does Write & Improve cost?

Some features of Write & Improve are only available if you subscribe. This article gives a detailed description.

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Write & Improve is free.

There are more than 250 free tasks for levels A1 to C2. You can also create your own workbooks and tasks.

There are also some premium features which are only available with a paid subscription.

We accept these cards: Visa, Mastercard, debit card, Maestro, Amex and Discover. You can also choose to pay by PayPal.

Write & Improve +Test Zone

Write & Improve +Test Zone provides access to IELTS Academic and General Training, and B2 First writing practice tasks with instant feedback and estimated IELTS score or B2 First grade.

Price per month: £4.50 (includes VAT)

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Write & Improve +Class View

Write & Improve +Class View provides teachers with access to their students' writing, allowing them to:

  • Set tasks in workbooks for students to get a CEFR level, B2 First grade or IELTS score

  • See each student's writing, changes and progress

  • Get class, task and student reports

  • Get insights into each student's learning needs

  • Invite administrators and other teachers to work with them in their account

  • Invite students to their workbooks without using their email addresses

A +Class View subscription includes free access to +Test Zone.

The online cost of +Class View depends on the number of students and teachers you want to invite to be members of your account and includes VAT:

First 10 members £11 every month in total (equal to £1.10 every month per member)*

Next 40 members £1.10 every month per member
Next 50 members £0.90 every month per member

Additional members £0.80 every month per member**

*If you have 10 members or less, the price is £11 every month.

** When you purchase online, the total number of members you can invite to an account is 400. If you want to use +Class View with more than 400 members, please read this article:

Here is an example:

I have 65 students who I want to invite to my account. Here is how I calculate the cost:

First 10 members £11 every month in total (equal to £1.10 per student/month) = £11

Next 40 members £1.10 every month per student = £44

Next 15 students £0.90 every month per student = £13.50

Total: £68.50

All prices include VAT.

NOTE: if you enter the number of students and teachers you want to use Write & Improve +Class View with in the box when you sign up, Write & Improve will do this calculation for you.

You can cancel your subscription at any time on your 'My account' page.

Your monthly subscription begins on the day your first payment is taken and continues until the same date on the following month, and then every month, until you cancel your subscription. After you cancel your subscription, you will be able to continue using your account until the next payment is due. No more payments will be taken.

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