A subscription to +Class View is available for up to 400 members and can be set up online and paid monthly by credit card or PayPal. Just click on 'Start a 2-month free trial of +Class View' on the +Class View Interactive Example Class page.

For accounts with fewer than 400 members, the price is per member (students plus any additional teachers). Just enter the number of members you want to use +Class View with when you sign up for your trial. The price will be calculated for you. Receipts for payment are available on request via support@writeandimprove.com.

For larger numbers of members, for more long-term subscriptions, and payment in advance, please contact support@writeandimprove.com to tell us about your organisation's needs and get a quote.

If possible, please tell us:
How many teachers will use +Class View;
How many students you will use +Class View with;
How long you want to use +Class View for in the first instance;
Whether teachers will run courses at the same time or one after the other.

Whether your organisation is already a Cambridge centre.

If you are a registered business, please supply the company address, company number, and business email address. Please also tell us your sales tax number, if you have one.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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