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What happens if I change the price of my subscription?
What happens if I change the price of my subscription?

If you make changes to your Write & Improve subscription, it may change the price. This article explains how changes affect prices.

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Changes you make to your Write & Improve subscription might increase or reduce your monthly payment. For example, if you change the number of students you want to include in your Class View subscription, the price will go up if you add more students or go down if you take some away. The new price will also depend on how far into your subscription month the change is made.

If the change you make increases the cost of your subscription, you will be charged the difference between the amount you paid before and the new amount immediately, taking into account what point in your subscription month you have reached. For example, if you have a monthly Class View subscription costing £15 per month and upgrade the number of students half way through the month so that the new monthly price is £20, you will be charged the difference (£20 - £15 = £5) divided by the time remaining in the month, which makes the extra charge £2.50. This extra charge will be taken immediately. Your next regular payment will be for new subscription amount, £20, and will be taken on the usual payment date.

If the change you make reduces the cost of your subscription, you will not pay anything immediately. When the time comes for your next regular payment, you will pay the new lower price. We will also take away from this new lower payment the amount extra you paid because you had a higher subscription price from after you made the change to the date of your next regular payment. So, if your monthly Class View subscription was £20 and you reduce that amount to £15 half way through the month, you will pay an extra £2.50 that month as the difference is £20 - £15 = £5, which is £2.50 for the half of the month you were on the reduced price. The next month, you will pay £2.50 less as a result, making it £15 - £2.50 = £12.50 for that month. Your regular payments will be £15 after that. 

Write & Improve cannot give you money back when you make changes, we can only reduce the price of payments you make in the future. If your change means that your price is lower by more than your next monthly payment, you will pay £0.00 when your next regular payment date arrives. If there is an amount still owed to you after that, it will be taken from the payment for the next month.

If a discount was applied to your original subscription, the discount will also apply to your new price, and if you are on a free trial, your free trial will continue.  

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