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Can I put my students into groups or classes on Write & Improve?
Can I put my students into groups or classes on Write & Improve?

This article describes how to use the Student Groups feature on Write & Improve.

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Student Groups is a new feature in Write & Improve to help teachers and administrators organise their students into groups. This feature is available with or without a +Class View subscription.

How do I create a student group?

To create a student group, first click on 'Account members' on the +Class View section of the menu.

Then, in the 'Manage account members' section at the top, make sure the 'Showing' section is set to 'students'. You will see the 'Manage student groups' panel appear as in the image below.

To create a student group, click on the 'Create Student Group' button. Then you will see this panel:

Enter a name for your student group and click 'Create' or press enter on the keyboard to create your student group.

The student group can now be selected using the menu in the 'Manage student groups' panel.

How can I delete or rename a student group?

After you choose a student group from the menu, you will be able to click on the 'Delete Student Group' or 'Edit Student Group Name' buttons. If you click on the 'Delete Student Group' button, you will see this warning:

If you are sure you want to delete the student group, click on 'Delete' or press enter. Note that this will not delete any students from your account or delete any of their work. The only change is that they will not be in a group anymore.

To change the name of a student group, click on the 'Edit Student Group Name' button. You will see this panel:

Enter the new name and click on 'Save' or press enter to confirm the change of name.

How do I add/remove students in a student group?

To add students to a student group, you must first add them to your account using the 'Add member' button in the 'Manage account members' section.

When you have added students to your account, you can start to add them to groups. In the 'Manage student groups' section, choose the student group from the menu and click on the 'Add group members' button. You will see this panel, which will show all the students who are not already members of the group:

Tick the box beside the names of any students you want to add, and click the 'Confirm' button to add them to the group.

To remove a student again, click the bin symbol beside their name when the student group is selected.

How do I assign a student group to a workbook?

To assign a student group to a workbook, first go to the management page for that workbook by clicking on its name under 'My workbooks' in the menu.

When you are on the workbook management page, click on 'Manage student groups' on the 'Workbook members and assigned student groups' panel.

This will open the panel below. Click on the 'Click to add' button to add that student group and all of its members to the workbook. You can undo this by clicking on the button again. It will say 'Added' when the student group is assigned to the workbook and 'Click to add' when it is not.

The student group will now be shown on the panel. The panel will also show any students who are assigned to the workbook but not members of any student groups.

Click on the arrow beside a student group to see its members. And click on the magnifying glass symbol to review their work as usual. Clicking the back arrow beside a student group's name will take you back to the main panel.

Finally, a student group can also be removed from a workbook by clicking the bin symbol beside its name on the main panel. This will bring up this confirmation message. Click 'Yes' to confirm.

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