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Why do some tasks say that students' writing may be used in learning materials?
Why do some tasks say that students' writing may be used in learning materials?

We would like to use sections of real learners' writing in materials for learners of English. Some tasks ask for permission to do this.

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Sometimes a task in Write & Improve will have this message:

“This is a special task. We would like to use some answers to this task in other learning materials, to help other learners like you.

If you do this task, you give your agreement to these uses. We will not use your name or details.

If you do not want us to use your answer, please choose a different task.”

We know that learners benefit from reading examples from the writing of other learners, whether they are more proficient or at the same level. To help teachers and learners by providing authentic examples of learner writing in other materials, we ask learners' permission to use parts of their answers to a limited number of tasks in this way. By choosing a task with the message above, a learner is agreeing to this use.

There are more than 250 free tasks in Write & Improve and we are adding new ones all the time. Just a very small number of tasks will have this message for just a short period of time. If you or your students do not want to share parts of their writing, please choose a task without this message. You can also come back later when the message has been removed.

We will never use any part of a learner's writing that might make it possible to identify them.

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