How much does Speak & Improve cost?

Speak & Improve is completely free.

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Speak & Improve is free for all learners to use to practise their English speaking. There are 5 complete practice tests for learners to work through.

After you complete the first test, you will be asked to sign in. This is also free.

Signing in allows Speak & Improve to save your work so that all your progress will be there when you come back another time. It also means you can log in to Speak & Improve on all of your devices and you will find all your work available.

If you already have an account at, you can use your email address and password from Write & Improve to log in to Speak & Improve. If you do not have a profile at Write & Improve, click on 'Create an account on Write & Improve' to create your free account.

Then follow the instructions. When you have created your account, return to Speak & Improve and log in.

Now you can practise speaking with the other 4 tests.

All of this is free!

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