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Speak & Improve - Frequently Asked Questions
About Speak & Improve - a research project
About Speak & Improve - a research project

Speak & Improve is a research project. This article explains what that means.

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Speak & Improve is a new project from Cambridge English in association with English Language iTutoring Ltd, the company that created Write & Improve.

Speak & Improve is still being developed and is being made available for learners of English around the world to practise their English speaking in an online environment, for free.

It provides 5 complete practice tests which are based on the Linguaskill Speaking exam, but they are also perfect practice for any English learner who wants to build their confidence and improve their speaking.

Unlike Write & Improve, Speak & Improve is not yet officially a product. We need learners of English to use Speak & Improve so that we can collect recordings of their speech that will help Speak & Improve itself improve.

So, by using Speak & Improve, you are helping us to improve it and to offer you more support for your learning. Thank you!

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