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How many tasks are available in Write & Improve?
How many tasks are available in Write & Improve?

This article describes the many different workbooks in Write & Improve and the number of writing tasks each one contains.

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Write & Improve offers tasks for English learners of all levels, from Beginner to Proficient, to practise and improve their writing. The tasks are presented in Workbooks.      

There are three levels of tasks in Write & Improve Workbooks: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of these levels includes tasks for two levels as follows:

W&I Beginner includes 50 tasks for learners at A1 and A2 on the CEFR and are suitable for Beginner and Elementary level learners.

W&I Intermediate includes 60 tasks suitable for learners at both Pre-intermediate and Intermediate level studying for the Cambridge PET (B1) and B2 First exams.

W&I Advanced includes 56 tasks suitable for learners at both Advanced and Proficiency levels studying for the Cambridge Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2) exams.

 There is also a ' W&I Just for Fun' workbook which includes tasks not based on typical exam or classroom essays, and which aren't designed for specific levels of learner. This workbook includes 34 tasks. 

Also, the 'W&I Business English' workbook which includes 18 tasks at different levels based on typical business topics.

There are also seven free sample exams in the three +Test Zone workbooks, IELTS General Training, IELTS Academic, and Cambridge B2 First.

The total number of free tasks in Write & Improve is 242.

Subscribers to the premium product for exam practice, +Test Zone, and teachers who subscribe to +Class View get access to:

60 B2 First exam tasks
52 IELTS Academic exam tasks
40 IELTS General Training exam tasks.

The total number of tasks available to +Test Zone or +Class View subscribers is 394.

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