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What do my students see when they log on, and how do I see their writing and provide feedback?
What do my students see when they log on, and how do I see their writing and provide feedback?

This article describes for teachers with a +ClassView subscription what their students will see when they sign up and use Write & Improve.

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  1. When you invite a student to one of your workbooks, if you used their email addresss, they will be sent an email invitation, which they need to click on and accept.

  2. When they do that, they will see the workbook(s) you invited them to in the menu, under 'My writing'. This image shows a workbook called 'Class A', created by a teacher, as an example:

Next, the learner clicks on the workbook and it opens for them at the task or tasks you created for them.

When the students submit their writing, by clicking on 'Check', they get their automatic feedback straightaway. 

3. You can also now provide your own additional feedback and grade for your students if you want.

What your students see after you grade their work.

After you score and give feedback to a student’s writing, when your student next logs into their account, they will have a badge in their sidebar next to the 'My writing' menu item under 'Progress'. The number tells them how many pieces of feedback they have that they have not yet seen.

NB: If the student is already logged in and using Write & Improve when you add or change some feedback, they will probably need to refresh their browser or log out and in again to be able to see it.

When they click on 'My writing', to see their writing, they will see a label against the answer for which feedback has been added.

When they click on ‘Go to this task’ to see the answer, they will see the Teacher feedback page and all your feedback.

Where you can see your students’ writing.

You can access your students’ writing by clicking on the relevant workbook where you set the task under ‘My workbooks’ and under ‘Your tasks’ click on ‘Students’ writing’.

That will take you to your students’ writing. You can also access this by clicking on ‘Students’ writing’ in ‘Workbook members’.

Clicking on ‘Students’ Writing’ via either of these routes will take you to +Class View, where you will see ‘Insights’ with graphs of your whole class’s progress, filters to narrow down your analysis to particular classes, tasks, or workbooks, and lists of all your students’ writing, each version they checked, the feedback they received from the system, the changes they made, and their final submissions. It will look like this example:

This image is taken from the interactive demo class here: 

If you are logged in to your +ClassView account, click on the ‘See an example class’ button in the top-left-hand corner. This will give you a good idea of what you will see once your students have written some essays. Try playing with the filters and graphs and looking at the demo essays etc.

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