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What are the benefits of a +Class View subscription?
What are the benefits of a +Class View subscription?

This article describes the advantages of subscribing to +Class View

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With a +Class View subscription you can:

  1. Create your own writing tasks and choose whether to have them scored on the CEFR, IELTS or B2 First scales.

  2. Use the 170+ exam-specific tasks in +Test Zone in your own workbooks for free:  76 B2 First exam tasks; 60 IELTS Academic exam tasks; 40 IELTS General Training exam tasks.  

  3. See all versions of your learners' work and the feedback and scores they got, and add your own feedback and grades*

  4. Manage your class and create accounts for your students without requiring their email addresses.

  5. Get graphs and insights into whole class and individual learner progress.

  6. Invite other teachers, and administrators to join your account so that you can share students, workbooks and tasks and work together in +ClassView.

*teachers who do not have a +Class View subscription cannot see what their students write without the students printing their work out, copying, emailing or showing it on their devices.

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