Individual teacher subscription to +Class View is available for up to 100 students and can be set up online and paid monthly by credit card or Paypal. Just click on 'Start free trial of +Class View' on the +Class View demo page. 

For individual teachers with fewer than 100 students, the price is per student. Just enter the number of students you want to use +Class View with when you sign up for your trial. The price will be calculated for you. Receipts for payment are available on request via

For larger numbers of students, for multiple teachers, for more long-term subscriptions, and payment in advance, we offer discounted prices and can make arrangements to suit the specific needs of your school or organisation (e.g. split into classes or between teachers). We can also arrange for extended trial periods, free teacher accounts, and can discuss finding the best price possible for you or your institution, based on your circumstances. We aim to be flexible because every school and course is different. 

Here are some example prices to illustrate the possibilities for large groups: 

A ‘learner-month’ means any 1 learner using Write & Improve during any 1 month. So, a subscription for 100 learner-months could be used for 10 learners every month for 10 months, 50 learners each in 2 separate months, or any other arrangement.  

The minimum length of time is 2 months. So, you cannot purchase 100 learner-months to be used by 100 learners in 1 month only.

Payment can be by invoice, wire/BACS transfer, or other methods as required. All prices include appropriate tax and are in GBP.

Here is an example of how this might work:

A school has 3 terms per year, in which it runs 3, 5 and 2 courses, respectively. Each course has 30 learners and lasts for 2 months. In total, that makes:

10 courses (3 + 5 + 2)
300 learners (10 courses × 30 learners each)
600 learner-months (300 learners × 2 months each).

By paying for a subscription for a whole year in advance, the customer can pay for 600 learner-months at £500.

Contact now to tell us about your institution's needs and get a quote.

If possible, please tell us:
How many teachers will use +Class View;
How many students each teacher will use +Class View with;
How long each teacher will use +Class View for in the first instance;
Whether teachers will run courses at the same time or one after the other.

If you are a registered business, please supply the company address, company number, and business email address. Please also tell us your sales tax number, if you have one.

We will contact you to discuss any other needs and give you the best price for your organisation.

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