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I want to subscribe to +Class View and apply a voucher code
I want to subscribe to +Class View and apply a voucher code

How to create a profile and subscribe to Write & Improve +Class View using your voucher code.

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To subscribe to Write & Improve +Class View, first create a profile in Write & Improve and make sure you are signed in. 

To create a profile in Write & Improve, follow these steps:

Click on 'Create a profile' at the top of the screen on the right, and see this:  

Create a profile by answering the questions, or by using a Facebook profile. Then accept the Terms & Conditions.

2. When the questions are answered, click on 'Continue' 

3. Go to the relevant email inbox. There will be an email from us. Click on the link in the email to confirm the account. If the email is not there, please look in spam or the trash folder. If the link in the email is not clicked, the account cannot be activated.

4. Once the link is clicked, it will go directly to the workbook page, where there is a choice of workbooks for different levels. 

After signing in, click on +Class View in the menu on the left.  

An interactive example class with fictional students now appears; see the below screenshot. Please do try clicking on the names and filters to explore all the features of +Class View.

To start a free trial, click on “Start a 2-month Free Trial of +Class View", which is at the top right of the screen:

This page will appear:

Choose the number of students you want to use +Class View with - if you want to, you can change this at any time in 'My account'. 

Next, go to ‘Do you have a voucher code?', and add the voucher number provided and click on 'Add'. 

Now, this will open:

Click on "Start now" and you will see the workbook or page that you were on when you started. 

An email will be sent from us to Welcome you to Write & Improve +Class View.

You now have access to Write & Improve +Class View, which also gives free access to all the features of a +Test Zone subscription.

To try out W&I before starting a +Class View subscription, please follow these steps:

2. 'Start Practising Now ->'  

3. If this image appears, choose a level or click 'No, thank you'

4. Choose a level and a topic and click:

5. Write the text in the box (1). Write enough words and then click 'Check ->' and the program will check the work (2). See the feedback when we finish checking the work (3). This takes about 10 seconds.

6. Read the feedback (3), make changes to the writing (2) and then click 'Check again' for further feedback, and so on.

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