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I want to subscribe to Write & Improve +Class View
I want to subscribe to Write & Improve +Class View

It's easy to start a 2-month free trial of +Class View for teachers. This article tells you how.

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To start your 2-month free trial of Write & Improve +Class View, you must first create a profile in Write & Improve and make sure you are signed in. 

Please note: before you can use your e-mail address to sign in, you need to verify it with Write & Improve. You can do this by clicking the link in the email that we sent you after you created your profile. 

If you cannot see the email, please do check your spam folder. The e-mail will have been sent from "" with the subject "Confirm your account". 

After you sign in, click on +Class View in the menu on the left, and then click on the “Start a 2-month Free Trial of +Class View', which is at the top right of the screen:

You will then see this page:

Click on 'Start a 2-month Free Trial of +Class View' at the bottom. You will then see this:

Enter the number of students and teachers you want to use Write & Improve +Class View with and then click 'Start a 2-month Free Trial of +Class View' again. You do not need to add any payment details. Your free trial will start when you click on 'Yes':

If you click 'Yes', you will see this message:

You will then receive an email from us to Welcome you to Write & Improve +Class View.  

You can see information about your subscription, including any payments you make in the future, on your 'My account' page.

You are now ready to start practising with your students! 

Good luck! 

P.S. You can create a paid monthly subscription at any time during your trial. If you choose to create a paid monthly subscription, it will begin as soon as your two-month trial ends.

You will receive an email from us when your 2-month free trial is nearly finished. If you want to subscribe, you will be able to follow the instructions in the email. If you do not want to continue, you do not need to do anything. Your trial will end on the last day. If you want to subscribe in the future, you can do so at any time. If you use the same Write & Improve account as you used for your trial, your +Class View account will show all the members and the writing they did during your trial.

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