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How do I add my own feedback to my students' writing?
How do I add my own feedback to my students' writing?

This article describes how to add specific error feedback, general comments and a grade to your students' answers and how they can see it.

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If you have a +Class View subscription, you can add your own specific feedback, general comments and grade to your students' answers. They will be able to see this feedback and grade when looking at their writing history.

First, go to +Class View by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Next, click on the answer you wish to comment on. In this case, we wish to comment on Carmen Perea's answer to the task 'Making a video'. Here you can see the automatic W&I Feedback she received on her first attempt.

If you want to add your own feedback for a student, you can click on the Teacher's feedback tab at the top, under Task help, or click on the blue link at the bottom of the box, where it says 'Add your own feedback on the "Teacher's feedback" page'. This will take you to 'Teacher's feedback'. Choose the student's most recent check to add feedback to the latest version of their essay.

You will see that you can add 3 types of feedback:

  • specific feedback or corrections to the student's writing

  • general comments and guidance about the writing

  • your grade

To add specific feedback or corrections to the student's essay, select a word or words and click on 'Add correction'. A box will appear where you can type your correction or comment:

Click 'Save' when you have finished and continue to the next word or words you want to comment on.

When you have added your specific feedback, you can add general comments and instructions for the student in the box below:

And finally, if you want to, you can add a grade.

Click 'Submit feedback' to send your feedback to the student. You can change your feedback at any time.

When your student logs in to their account, they will have a badge in their sidebar next to the  'My writing' link under 'Progress'. The number tells them how many pieces of feedback they have that they have not yet seen.

When they click to see their writing, they will see a label against the answer for which feedback has been added.

Your student can click on the shaded words to see your specific feedback and use this feedback to correct or improve their writing and check it again to see their level:

They can also see your general comments and instructions and a grade, if you gave them one.

If the student is already logged in and using Write & Improve when you add or change some feedback, they will have to refresh their browser or log out and in again to be able to see it.

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