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How do I add an email address to my account?
How do I add an email address to my account?

This article shows how to add a new email address to your account and use it to sign in.

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  1. Sign in using the method you used to create your account (Facebook or email address) and click the My account option from the side menu.

2. Enter your new email address in the Emails box and click Add. You will see it added to the list. A message will be sent to the address you entered, you might need to look in your junk mail if you don't see it. Click the link found in the email to confirm it is your email address.

3. If you'd like to make the email your main address, select it from the Emails list. This will prompt you to confirm your password. When finished, all future messages from us will be sent that address also you will be able to sign in next time using the new email and password.

  • You can also remove an email address from the Emails list too. Click the delete icon next to the email address you want to remove.

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