If you already have a subscription to Write & Improve +Test Zone, you will see that you can invite your contacts to try Write & Improve too.

You will get a special link to Write & Improve which you can give to your contacts. If they subscribe to +Test Zone, we will know that it is because you told them about Write & Improve. You will receive a voucher for a reduction of the price of your subscription to say 'Thank you'.

Where is the link I can share?

There is a button to create the link in the 'Refer a friend' section on the 'My account' page on Write & Improve. Click on 'My account' in the menu and then click on 'Tell a friend'. 

After you create the link, copy the full link from the box and give or send it to a colleague, classmate or friend who you think will benefit from using Write & Improve. You can also click on the link to open your email application and put the link in an email and send it.

I gave the link to someone who has subscribed to +Test Zone, but I have not received a voucher.

We use cookies to help us track the link between you and your contact, so it's possible that if someone has changed browsers (e.g. changed from Internet Explorer to Chrome) or cleared the storage on their device, the referral could be lost. If you think you should have received a referral reward, please email support@writeandimprove.com.

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