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How can Write & Improve help me improve my English writing?
How can Write & Improve help me improve my English writing?

This article gives advice for using Write & Improve to improve your English writing and gives ideas about where to find more help, too.

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The best way to improve your writing is to write. If you write in English often, you will become more confident and it will start to be easier. Write & Improve is a great place to practise your writing. 

If you create an account, your work will be saved and you can continue working on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This means you can practise anywhere and at any time. 

Tip: why not choose a time each day when you will write something on Write & Improve? Set a goal and make sure you achieve it. You could visit Write & Improve at the end of every day and write about your day and your thoughts. Choose a time when you will write something each day, or each week. Check in My activity and awards to see how often you practise. Practice makes perfect!

Tip: Write & Improve gives you awards for how often you use it, how many essays you write and how many checks and improvements you make. Why not set yourself the goal of getting some or all of the awards

Tip: if you are tired of the tasks in the W&I workbook for your level, create your own workbook and tasks to write about anything you like. You can also visit the W&I Just for fun! workbook to write stories and essays that use your imagination and are less serious than the typical exam essays you usually practise.

Tip: if you always get a good score for the essays in the level you have chosen, maybe it is time to challenge yourself? Try an essay in the next level and see how you do. It will make you work harder and learn more.

Make mistakes!

Another important way to improve your writing is to make mistakes and learn from them. Remember that mistakes are an opportunity to learn. And with Write & Improve, nobody will see your mistakes, so you do not need to be afraid or embarrassed. You can take risks and do experiments and you can try and try again. 

Tip: each time Write & Improve tells you about a mistake you made, make a note so that you remember not to make the same mistake next time. Keep a list of your mistakes and read it when you are writing.

Write & Improve does not tell you exactly what your mistakes are and how to fix them. This is because you will learn better and improve more if you think about what the mistake might be and the best way to fix it. When you get feedback from Write & Improve, think about the suggestions it makes and decide for yourself.

Tip: while you write, have a good dictionary specially written for learners of English open. Use Cambridge Dictionary Online to check the spelling, word forms and word use. Look at the example sentences to see how a word is usually used. Click on the gold star symbol beside each word to add the word to your own online wordlist and make quizzes to test yourself.
If you prefer, keep a notebook and make a list of words you find and try to learn them. 

Tip: check your grammar with this free online grammar reference from Cambridge Dictionaries

Track your progress!

Write & Improve saves all your writing - from the first check to the last and shows you all your feedback. Take time to look back at your old writing in My writing and see how you made progress. What changes were good? Did you write enough words? Could you improve an essay you wrote before? You can make changes to old essays, or Start again to write a completely new version. It is good to look back and see the progress you have made!

Find help online!

Self-study can be lonely and difficult. Look for people and resources to support your learning.

Tip: if you do not have a teacher to advise you, try to find a friend, colleague or classmate to share your challenges. Find a 'study-buddy'.

Tip: share your progress on Facebook or other social media and let your contacts know about Write & Improve. You can create a workbook and tasks and invite your contacts to join your workbook and do your tasks and then compare your essays and give each other feedback. If we work together, we improve together!

Tip: Look on the internet to find useful resources and activities to help you. Cambridge English offers a lot of things to help learners. Go to this website and see what you can find for your level. Choose free activities for your level of English. Learn the Word of the day and try to use it in your writing. Subscribe to the free YouTube channel. Join the Cambridge English Facebook page for regular hints and tips. Follow @Write&Improve on Twitter to hear about new features and get helpful hints on writing and exam preparation.

Tip: there are lots of other places to find good free resources to help you with your English writing. Here are two examples:
BBC Learning English
British Council LearnEnglish


Reading in English will help you to improve your writing. You will learn new words and understand how the words you already know are used in a sentence. You will become more confident in your writing if you read the writing of other people.

Tip: think about what you are interested in and find texts about those things in English to read. Make notes of new words and how they are used and try to use them in your own writing. Choose something that is difficult to read, but not too difficult. Reading should be a challenge but not a torture!

Tip: Visit Read & Improve, a research project by one of our partners. Read & Improve provides up-to-date news articles from around the world, graded according to the level of the language they use on the internationally-recognised CEFR Scale. And by using it, you are helping them improve technology that will help English learners around the world.

Tip: Remember you will learn better if you are not bored, so you should make your reading interesting to you. Think about all the different types of writing you can read and where to find them. If you don't want to read a book, or a newspaper, why not search for a blog or website about a subject that interests you? 

Keep practising!

Visit Write & Improve whenever you can. Keep writing to keep improving! 




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